• Seadrus *sighs, happily*
  • I can finally walk around safe without getting glomped!
  • is walking on the roof*
  • 10:06 Lord Dalek How is your mate, son?
  • 10:06 Seadrus *jumps slightly* Oh, hey Dad. She's okay, better than a pool of sludge, for sure.
  • Just... A little... What's the word...
  • She's
  • Hyperactive?
  • 10:09 Lord Dalek I wonder....
  • 10:09 Seadrus Hmm?
  • 10:09 Lord Dalek Will I soon have a grandchild?
  • 10:10 Seadrus Gah!
  • That question took me by surprise
  • Yeah, soon.
  • The egg's in her chamber.
  • And I'm still confused about what it will be.
  • It shouldn't be long now, father.
  • 10:12 Lord Dalek Haha~
  • 10:12 Seadrus Yeah... *a large rumbling is heard from downstairs* It's either the egg, or shade making another appearance...
  • 10:14 Lord Dalek Hmm
  • 10:14 Seadrus *walks down*
  • It's a boy~
  • 10:22 Lord Dalek *smiles*
  • 10:24 Seadrus It's a... Father? What type of Dragon is this?

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