Other Names: Sξ₪drψs

Royalty The Master
  • I live in Here
  • My occupation is None
  • I am Most definitely a male.
  • Seadrus
    • Seadrus *sighs, happily*
    • I can finally walk around safe without getting glomped!
    • is walking on the roof*
    • 10:06 Lord Dalek How is your mate, son?
    • 10:06 Seadrus *jumps slightly* Oh, hey Dad. She's okay, better than a pool of sludge, for sure.
    • Just... A little... What's the word...
    • She's
    • Hyperactive?
    • 10:09 Lord Dalek I wonder....
    • 10:09 Seadrus Hmm?
    • 10:09 Lord Dalek Will I soon have a grandchild?
    • 10:10 Seadrus Gah!
    • That question took me by surprise
    • Yeah, soon.
    • The egg's in her chamber.
    • And I'm still confused about what it will be.
    • It shouldn't be long now, father.
    • 10:12 Lord Dalek Haha~
    • 10:12 Seadrus Yeah... *a large rumbling is heard from downstairs* It's either the egg, or shade making another appearance...
    • 10:14 Lord Dalek Hmm
    • 10:14 Seadrus *walks down*
    • It's a …
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  • Seadrus

    A spot of humor

    October 20, 2013 by Seadrus

    • 3:51 Seadrus Do you know of any defectors, father?

    • (( YOURE A LOST CAUSE ))

    • (( SPQR ))

    • 3:51 Dr0Shadow ((NOT ME!))

    • 3:51 Seadrus (( Shut Pie-hole Quickly Rapscallion ! ))

    • 3:52 Yavor Desiderius (( Rome has new meaning ))

    • 3:52 Dr0Shadow ((and i probably am a lost case...*shuts Up*))

    • 3:52 Seadrus (( GOOD ))
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  • Seadrus

    (OOG) Calling all People!

    September 28, 2013 by Seadrus

    This wiki need help - We only got 3-4 people workning on it, which is fine, but it would be nice to reach out our arms to the rest of the community of RPinging.

    To help, just make an edit!

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  • Seadrus

    How to write a blog

    September 18, 2013 by Seadrus

    This is a blog... On how to write a blog...

    1. OOG Blogs: These blogs are purposed for just chatting and/or talking about events that have occured in the RP
    2. RP Blogs: These blogs are written from the perspective of your character. These blogs are to be written in a certain manner (i.e., signing the characters name at the bottom, adding certain spelling, ETC.)
    3. Help Blogs: These blogs are for the people who have no clue whatsoever about what's going on. Usually, only administrators and moderators can comment on these topics.

    Each of the mentioned blogs are to be labeled as follows: (RP) [TITLE], (OOG) [TITLE], ETC.

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