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The Tepanec Civilization or Tepanecs, are a race of humanoid beings native to Florana in the Polaris Galaxy. These beings are stated to be older than humans, and they are known to also surpass them in not only age, but intellect, making outsmarting a Tepanec incredibly difficult.

These creatures have their own language, and can also speak dragonish and english.


The Tepanecs have a civilization much like the ancient Aztecs of Earth, building temples and altars much the same in design. The city of Megaloponda has dire similarities to the temples and is thought to have been built on top of a settlement of Tepanecs. This may be the reason that several tribes in the area are hostile to outsiders, after they were forced to move and rebuild.

These remarkable creatures often live for hudreds of years, but it is usually impossible to tell how old an individual is by just looking, and asking is considered rude. Tepanecs are also known to sacrifice creatures to their Gods, in exchange for longevity, protection and health.


Tepanecs are easily recgognized and gender is also easily told apart. They are all legless, except for the chief which is always female and resembles a scorpion in body structure. Males have tentacle like feelers for "legs" that are a misty purple color, with tendrils much the same at the shoulders and crown of the head.

Females are much more docile in appearance, usually donning a green/blue skirt and decorative headdress. Males and females are usually around the same size and none (except for the chielf) have legs, instead hovering to get around.

As stated previously, the chief is always female, one generation succeeding the last, as a result, firstborn child of the chief is always female.




  • Female Tepanec
  • Tepanec Chief

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