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Lord Dalek here. This wiki thrives of the concept of people adding new content, but as of recently, some people have been abusing that power and adding god-modded or ludicrous ideas. So, if you wish to add a new faction or new race you must message me on my wallto get my approval of the idea, and then you may make the page if I approve of it.

You must explain the concept in full, as much as you can, and include things such as: size, main faction, and what it thinks of the other races/factions.

If you wish to add a new planet or location, you must contact Seadrus, and explain the planet, it's climate, and it's main race that lives upon it. A location must be on a planet or in a known part of the Galaxy, and you must describe its appearance and location, and what makes it important. 

Lord Dalek (talk) 19:45, October 20, 2013 (UTC)

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