The Lovecraftian Gods is the term used when speaking of Great Old Ones, Outer Gods and Elder Gods and other such beings. They are also Eldritch Beings, so alien and strange to the minds of Humans (and most other beings) that they are seen as evil and malevolent, even if that is not their intent. 

Humans, in their never-ending desire for knowledge, often try to please these Entities through sacrifice and dark rituals in the hopes of releasing them from their prison. Most humans who do this practice worship either Cthulhu or Azathoth, but any God can be worshiped by the cultists. The Cultists often know Dark Magic, and other Forbidden Arts (such as summoning Eldritch Servants), but will often end up giving their life for their God or taking it due to insanity caused from the dark secrets told to them.

The pronunciation of Lovecraftian names that humans use (e.g: Cthulhu is pronounce: Ku-thoo-loo) is merely the closest any non-Lovecraftian being can get to the true pronunciation of their names. Should they hear the true pronunciation, it would cause immense pain as their mind tries to comprehend the Lovecraftian Language. This applies not only to names, but any word in their language.

These beings cannot be played in RP by anyone other then an Administrator. There is no way to obtain permission to be a Lovecraftian Horror. Lovecraftian Horrors must also have a seperate account, created by the Administrator. 

List of Lovecraftian GodsEdit

This is a partial list of the most well-known of Lovecraftian Gods.

Yog Sothoth -Outer God-Edit

A being of immense power and knowledge and is also a living multiverse, Yog-Sothoth is known for it's ability to, if pleased, give a being knowlage of the Eldritch, be it Magic, the Supernatural, or information about Yog Sothoth himself. Yog Sothoth is Omniscient, knowing and seeing everything occurring in every realm and dimension, even from within the Void. It's form is almost indescribable, being an ever-shifting mass of eyes and mouths with no true form or structure.

Cthulhu -Great Old One-Edit

A massive, horrifying combination of what appears to be a human, octopus and dragon, trapped within the ancient city of R'lyeh, forever in a slumber, along with many Eldritch Servants, who sometimes wake up to attack the mortal world. Cthulhu also is, despite the fact he is sleeping, able to influence mortals via dreams and hallucinations. 

Azathoth -Outer God-Edit

This being is the single most powerful in the universe, bar none. He created reality without His own knowledge, along with the many beings within that reality such as the Old Ones, Great Ones, and other God-like beings, which went on to create other beings. Azathoth is credited with the creation of all the Evil and Chaos within this reality.

An unknown equal to Azathoth is responsible for the creation of the good within this reality, such as the Zodiacs. The Manifestations, which are neither evil nor good, are thought to have been created by the combined powers of Azathoth and this unknown.

Other then that, Azathoth is god-like being Omnipotent and Omnipresent. It can take a human or other being as Its  vessel, giving the being an immense amount of power, allowing them to defeat Zodiac Lords or resist Ash's ability to erase things from existence. 

Nyarlathotep -Outer God-Edit

Nyarlathotep differs from the other beings in a number of ways. Most of them are exiled to stars or to the Void, like Yog-Sothoth and Hastur, or sleeping and dreaming like Cthulhu; Nyarlathotep, however, is active and frequently walks the Earth in the guise of a human being. While most of the Lovecraftian Gods are suited all powerful yet purposeless, Nyarlathotep seems to be deliberately deceptive and manipulative, and even uses propaganda to achieve his goals. Nyarlathotep enacts the will of the Outer Gods, and is their messenger, heart and soul; he is also a servant of Azathoth, whose wishes he immediately fulfills. Unlike the other Outer Gods, causing madness is more important and enjoyable than death and destruction to Nyarlathotep. In this sense, he strongly resembles the traditional role of the devil.

List of Outer GodsEdit


(The Source of Uncleanliness)


(The Inner One) Composed of living magma.


(The Render of the Veils



(The Harbinger, Whom Passeth in Darkness)

The HydraEdit

(The Thousand-faced Moon)

Lesser Outer GodsEdit

(Guardians of the Outer Hells, The Other Gods) Mysterious protectors of the Dreamlands' gods, the weak Great Ones. To disturb them or the Great Ones is foolish and is often disastrous. They are at the sway of Azathoth in his hyperdimensional court, which they rarely leave, forever piping and dancing to incomprehensible tunes.

Magnum Tenebrosum  Edit

(The Unnamed Darkness) Presumably a vast, dark shape.

Mappo no RyujinEdit

(Coatlicue) A gigantic, serpentine monstrosity covered in small white snakes


An invisible wolf-like fiend. It controls The Hound of Tindalos, Immortal wolves that serve Mh'ithrha. Is also said to be the enemy of Yog-Sathath.

The Nameless MistEdit

(Nyog' Sothep) A misty, shapeless thing sans form. Supposedly the father/parent of Yog-Sothoth. This being is nearly invincable, with no power being able to contain it, nor slay it. It can corrupt beings and enslave them to be Its personal servants who will carry out Its will until the servant dies of injury. The servant does not gain any new powers or strengths. 


A misty, incorporeal being with an "eye of flame" at its centre.


(The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, Wife of the Not-to-Be-Named One ) Appears as a horrifying, black, cloudy mass, with many eyes, mouths and tendrils. She (presumed to be a she) can, and does, give birth to thousands of young, which are either consumed again by the beast or manage to run away to the woods to serve their mother.

Young of Shub-NiggurathEdit

The Young of Shub-Niggurath are monstrous beings, between 12-25 feet in height and 3-10 feet in diameter. They have trunk-like, short legs and tops made of ropey tendrils that strongly resemble branches with think vines, and puckered mouths that can open wide enough to swallow human beings in an instant.


(The Flautist of Azathoth) Composed of living sound. This being appears as a mass of shimmering air that constantly emits sound ranging from 60 Db to 150 Db. 


(The Green Flame)


(The Unbegotten Source, The Demiurge)


Unknown. The form of this being is said to be so horrific and eldritch that any being who sees it will be driven to insanity. So far, that has proven true, with many beings, including primordials and angels falling into insanity by seeing or fighting this being. As such, only 1 of it's form has been determined to be larger then most galaxies. Before being imprisoned within the Void, this bring was rumored to have consumed galaxies for no reason other then to cause death and destruction. 


(The Dream Witch) Like Nyarlathotep, her form varies, but usually appears as an earthly female; May be form of Shub-Niggurath.


(The Feaster from the Stars, That Which Relentlessly Waits Outside) A fiery, petaled entity.

List of Great Old OnesEdit

Aphoom-Zhah The Cold Flame, Lord of the Pole Appears as a vast, cold, grey flame.

Arwassa The Silent Shouter on the Hill A vast, wailing, floating monstrosity.

Atlach-Nacha The Spider God, Spinner in Darkness A giant spider with a human-like face.

Baoht Z'uqqa-Mogg The Bringer of Pestilence A huge, flying, scorpion-like beast.

Basatan Master of the Crabs

Bokrug The Great Water Lizard, The Doom of Sarnath Appears as a giant lizard.

Bugg-Shash The Black One, The Filler of Space, He Who Comes in the Dark Appears as a slimy mass covered with eyes.

Byatis The Berkeley Toad, The Serpent-Bearded Appears as a gigantic, spider-like crab with a proboscis.

Chaugnar Faugn Horror from the Hills, The Feeder.


Caug-Narfagn An elephant-headed humanoid.

Cthugha The Living Flame, The Burning One Appears as a living ball of fire.

Cthylla Secret Seed of Cthulhu Appears as a huge, octopus-like creature. Daughter of Cthulhu.

Cxaxukluth Probably appears similar to Azathoth.

Cyäegha The Destroying Eye, The Waiting Dark Appears as a gigantic eye covered with tentacles.

Cynothoglys The Mortician God Appears as a shapeless, mutating entity with a single arm. The Dweller in the Gulf Eidolon of the Blind Appears as a huge, eyeless tortoise with whip-like tails.

Eihort The Pale Beast, God of the Labyrinth Appears as a huge, pallid, gelatinous oval with a myriad legs and multiple eyes.

Father Dagon and Mother Hydra Both appear as abnormally large Deep Ones.

Ghadamon A Seed of Azathoth A shapeless, inky, protoplasmic mass.

Ghatanothoa The Usurper, God of the Volcano Amorphous with multifarious appendages and grotesque members; too horrid to behold, viewing causes petrification.


Glaaki The Inhabitant of the Lake, Lord of Dead Dreams Appears as a giant slug with metallic spines.

Gloon The Corrupter of Flesh, Master of the Temple Manifests through a Dionysian sculpture; resembles a monstrous sea slug.

Gol-goroth (or Gol-Goroth) The Forgotten Old One, God of the Black Stone Appears as a gigantic, black, toad-like creature with an impossibly malevolent glare.

Hastur The Unspeakable, He Who is Not to be Named, Lord of Interstellar Spaces "True" form remains a mystery; said to be amorphous, possibly octopoid.

Huitloxopetl Haunter of Dreams, The Nightmare Walker

Hzioulquoigmnzha Has spheroid body, elongated arms, short legs, and a pendulum-like head dangling underneath.

Idh-yaa Iod The Shining Hunter A levitating, sinuous, glowing creature.

Ithaqua The Wind Walker, The Wendigo, God of the Cold White Silence A horrifying frozen giant.

Juk-Shabb God of Yekub Appears as a great ball of energy.

Lloigor M'nagalah The Great God Cancer, The All-Consuming A massive, tumorous thing.

Mnomquah Lord of the Black Lake A very large and eyeless lizard-creature with a "crown" of feelers.

Mordiggian The Charnel God, The Great Ghoul, Lord of Zul-Bha-Sair A horrifying giant with eyeless head and limbless body, much like a worm.

Nug and Yeb The Twin Blasphemies Appear similar to Shub-Niggurath.

Nyogtha The Thing which Should Not Be, Haunter of the Red Abyss Appears as an inky shadow.

Oorn Appears as a huge, tentacled mollusc.

Othuum Deep Slumberer in Green, Great Master of Those-Who-Wait-Without Black, cyclops-like demon with two pairs of legs.

Othuyeg The Doom-Walker Appears as a great, tentacled eye (similar to Cyäegha).

Quachil Uttaus Treader of the Dust Appears as a miniature, wrinkled mummy with ankylosed, outstretched claws.

Q'yth-az A crystalline entity.

Rhan-Tegoth He of the Ivory Throne A tall humanoid with crab-like appendages; hard to describe in a few words.

Rlim Shaikorth The White Worm A gigantic, whitish worm with a huge maw and eyes made of dripping globules of blood.

Saa'itii The Hogge A giant, spectral hog.



Shterot Separate, living tentacles.

Shudde M'ell The Burrower Beneath, The Great Chthonian Appears as a colossal worm with anterior tentacles.

Summanus A mouthless, grotesque human.


Tsathoggua The Sleeper of N'kai, The Toad-God, Zhothaqqua, Sadagowah Appears as a huge, furry, almost humanoid toad.

Vulthoom The Sleeper of Ravermos, Gsarthotegga May appear as a monstrous plant with an enormous, elf-like blossom.

The Worm that Gnaws in the Night Doom of Shaggai A massive, worm-like fiend.

X'chll'at-aa Lord of the Great Old Ones, The Unborn God, Enemy of All That Live

Y'golonac The Defiler Appears as a naked, headless human with a mouth in the palm of each hand; other features are nebulous.

Yhoundeh The Elk Goddess Perhaps an elk-like humanoid.

Yibb-Tstll The Patient One, The Watcher in the Glade Gigantic, bat-winged humanoid with detached eyes; truly horrible to behold.

Yig Father of Serpents A scaly, serpent-like humanoid.

Ythogtha The Thing in the Pit Appears as a colossal, cyclops-like Deep One.


Zhar and Lloigor The Twin Obscenities Both appear as a colossal mass of tentacles (have a rumoured triplet).

Zoth-Ommog Dweller in the Deeps A gigantic entity with a cone-shaped body, a reptilian head, and starfish-like arms.

Zushakon Dark Silent One, Old Night.

Zul-Che-Quon Appears as a swirling, black vortex.

Zvilpoggua Feaster from the Stars, The Sky-Devil, Ossadagowah Winged, tentacle-faced, toad-like giant.

Zstylzhemgni Matriarch of Swarms.

Lesser GodsEdit

These beings are not quite Gods, but instead immensely powerful lifeforms, who have been praised as deities or gods.

Elder ThingsEdit

Elder Things are sapient, radially symmetrical, and nearly invincible. They are incredibly strange creatures, sharing characteristics of animals and vegetables alike. They are able to enter a peculiar state of preservation that allows them to survive extreme temperature fluctuations, vacuum, and without any need to eat or breathe. They have five sides of their body, being shaped like a tall, narrow hexagon, along with five eyes, five tendrils, five mouths, etc. 

Elder Things are found upon Earth, within the deepest Oceanic trenches. They will go towards the surface, only to continue their constant and eternal fight with their creation: The Shoggoths. 


Spawn are beings of horror, Eldritch and horrifying. They are literally born from nothing but the sheer will of a Lovecraftian God. While the term "Star Spawn" is normally used to define the Spawn of Cthulhu, the term can also be used for all  things that serve Lovecraftian Gods, be it a Shoggoth or some other, unknown, Spawn.

Star SpawnEdit

Resembling miniature versions of their lord, Star Spawn are the most common and well known of the Spawn. They reside either in the oceans (mostly the Antarctic or Indian), and they posses immense regenerative powers, able to regrow lost limbs in seconds.


Created by the Elder Things, for use as beasts of burden or hunters, these beings have many forms, but most are blob like, with many eyes and tendrils, waiting for a being to venture too close to strike. Shoggoths are very hard to slay, requiring magic of some form most times.


Many (if not all) Lovecraftian Entities can shift into a human form, and wqill sometimes mate with human beings. The spawn of these unholy unions are known by most as "Half-Lovecraftian", as their true name is in Lovecraftian, making it impossible for most non-lovecraftian beings to know the true name. 

Half -Lovecraftians include: Deep-one/humans (The Innsmouth People), and Wilbur Whateley (deceased son of Yog-Sothoth). Half-Lovecrafitans have immense mental power, and in some cases, physical power, and many are zealots to the cause of their Lovecraftian parents (or the cause of the being that parent served).


Horrors are beings of amazing and awful power, beings that explore the cosmos, looking for or giving the truth to younger and less intelligent species (e.g. Humans), or simply to slaughter the poor beings and consume their home planet, using the dead husk for purposes unknown.

The term "horror" is used to explain any non-spawn, non-godly being that is still considered Eldritch, such as the Elaagoth. The term "Plague of Horror" is used to describe any gathering of these beings, be it an army or a mating season group. 

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