Elementals are beings of pure elemental energy.

Elemental TypesEdit

Fire ElementalsEdit

Fire Elementals are probably the weakest elemental, despite their immense power, they are dwarfed in this world made almost entirely of water. Where they thrive, they can use their powers to their best potential.


  • Pyrokinesis - The ability to generate and manipulate fire
  • Thermokinesis - The ability to generate and manipulate heat

Water ElementalsEdit

Due to the vast amount of water in the world, Water Elementals are yet a rare occurence, one being spotted about every year or so.


  • Hydrokinesis/Aquakinesis. - The ability to manipulate water
  • Arctikinesis - The ability to manipulate the arctic and ice

Earth ElementalsEdit

Earth Elementals are unconventionally strong, the Earth still being 90% land UNDERWATER.


  • Geokinesis - Earth Manipulation
  • Dendrokinesis - Wood Manipulation - Hylokinesis - Xylokinesis
  • Vibrokinesis - The ability to create vibrations
  • Vitreokinesis - Manipulate Glass
  • Terrakinesis - Manipulate the planet's earth
  • Tectokinesis - Manipulate tectonic plates
  • Sunakinesis - Manipulate and generate sand - Psammokinesis
  • Seismokinesis - Generate Seismic Blasts
  • Ferrokinesis - Metallokinesis - Manipulate Metals
  • Konikinesis - Manipulate Dust
  • Halokinesis - Manipulate Salt
  • Crystallokinesis - Manipulate Gems and Crystals

Light Elemental (Sol Elemental)Edit

These Elementals have foresight, and take the form of a viewer's favorite person, whether they be desceased or alive. These Elementals have the following powers:


  • Solarkinesis - Ability to generate and manipulate solar energy