Dragons are majestic creatures that are one of the oldest races known. Dragon names tend to be long and complex, so many take aliases or shorten their name when speaking to other races.

Background information
Dragons are creatures that usually meet the following requirements:
  • Wings
  • Breath Weapon
  • Some sort of magic (whether it be a breath weapon or some other magic)

Age Grouping
Fledgling: Usually anywhere between 1 and 199

Wyrmling: Between 200 and 299

Wyrm: 300 - 399

Adult: 400 - 499

Mature Adult: 500 - 599

Master: 600 - 799

Mature Master: 800 - 999

Patriarch: 1000+

Elder: 2000+

Dragons will not stop growing until they reach the Adult age, and many of them are around 45-100 feet long, 50-130 feet tall and with a wing span of 100-250 feet, however, there is no limits on how much a dragon can grow in that time.

Types of Dragons

Emerald Dragon

These types of Dragons are highly intelligent and are also curious sometimes, especially the younger Dragons.

Male to Female ratio: 75% Male; 25% Female

Habitat: Anywhere with ample water and land Diet: Anything within reason (something that does not have any way of expressing feelings, e.g.)

Earth Dragon

Earth dragons are mysterious and elusive creatures, especially so because their gaze is rumored to be able to turn someone to stone. Nobody knows whether or not this is true, but there are very few people willing to put it to the test. Earth dragons come in a variety of colors-basically, if it's natural, an Earth dragon can have it. The most common color is green and brown, but there have been rust-colored ones and rumors persist of sand-colors. They are always male.

Male to Female ratio: 100% Male; 0% Female

Gold Dragon

These are also extremely rare. They have brilliant golden colored scales and their spines and horns are only slightly paler. There is a lot of misconception about gold dragons; people seem to think that all golds are queens. Golds, like all the others, can be male or female here although female is more common.

Male to Female ratio: 20% Male; 80% Female

Spirit Dragon

The rarest and most elusive of dragons, Spirit dragons are an ethereal mixture of swirling mauves and blues and blacks and reds. Their flame color varies and nobody knows what the effects are of standing in its path. However, nobody is willing to try any experiments either. Spirits are very peaceful dragons and will always try to find another approach to solving a problem other than fighting, but when angered or threatened, will fight mercilessly. They are the largest of the dragons and are usually male, will only around 2 females to exist.

Male to Female ratio: 99% Male; 1% Female

Habitat: Unknown. Favors to spend time in Varisvaara but also likes caves that will rarely be shared with anyone but his/her mate.

Death Dragon

Death Dragons are servants of Dreads, Dragons that have been slain by Dreads and given a portion of the Dread's life force. If the Death Dragon dies, the Dread will lose twice the amount of life force put into it. These Dragons are released when their master Dread is destroyed. Once doing that, the Dragon will multiply into two smaller Death Dragons, one male, one female. Until that point, the Death Dragon is genderless. These Dragons have no need for eating, breathing, drinking, or sleeping.

Male to Female ratio: 20% Male; 20% Female; 60% Genderless (Servant.)

Habitat: Death Dragons usually remain where their masters are or died, but will sometimes wander away in search of purpose.

Black Dragons

Black Dragons are pure black, with eyes being the only true variation in their color. If there is any spot of grey or white upon a Black Dragon, it is dust, or a wound that did not go past the scales. These dragons are very rare, only 17 known to exist in the universe currently, due to the Great War slaying almost all of them. Black dragons tend to be massive, often towering over dragons double their age. The largest recorded Black Dragon was 700 Feet tall, 1000 feet long with a 6000 foot wingspan, and was suspected to be at least 50 000 years old before being slain. 

Male to Female Ratio: 40% male, 60% female

Habitat: Unknown, but found on nearly every planet. 

Blood Dragons

Blood Dragons are usually a nuetral color (Such as Black, White, or Grey) with large areas of red, a shade of rade, or a tint of red. They are usually highly aggresive, and do not respect much, except for high royalty or a high position as a figure in a war (Commander, Tactitian, ETC.). Also known as Vampire Dragons.

Male to Female Ratio: 90% male, 10% female

Habitat: Anywhere with water and a source of blood

Silver Dragons

Silver Dragons are rare, and are seemingly made of silver. These Dragons have a very hard time transferring into human form, and will usually remain in Dragon form unless forced to become human.

Male to Female Ratio: 0% male, 1% female, 99% Dead

Habitat: Anywhere with water and sufficient light.

Red Dragons

Red Dragons are Dragons that are imbumed with the element of fire. They are very temepermental, and are hard to please.

Male to Female Ratio: 50% male, 50% female

Habitat: Usually hot habitats, such as Therastah