Anomalies Inc. is corporation dedicated to document all unknown/unexplained phenomena/creatures.

Joining RequirementsEdit

  • Physical
    • Must have high endurance
    • Must have high concentration
    • No Dreads.
    • Must be able/have weapon training/experience
  • Mental
    • Curious
    • Creative
    • At least inteligent enough to read the following sentance (easily):
    • Peter Piper Pecked a pickled pickle inside of a piccolo and has puckered the pickle.


Dr Shadow

Known Items(#)Edit

  1. 294(A.K.A: Pocket Dimensional Virus), infects all races, makes internal body parts(usually the stomach) to become portals to pocket dimension, and cases high stress/insanity for subject infected when angered
  2. 199(A.K.A: Human incinerator), Instnises are abel to create/munipulate flame/other types of plazma
  3. 777(A.K.A: Death), a tulpa representing death, resembuling the grim reaper.

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